Updates on yoga in the Parkinson's community

Part II Yoga Teacher Training  Yoga teachers are invited to attend Part II of the Yoga Teacher Training series.This class is meant to enhance what was learned in the first teacher training session. Yoga teachers will be presented with strategies and safety tips they can use to guide their students with movement disorders. The afternoon will include a hands-on workshop led by a certified yoga instructor living with Parkinson's disease and health care professionals specializing in Parkinson's.

Registration is required for this course. To register, please click here. For more information, see the event flyer or contact the Information & Referral Center at (800) 651-8466.

The Optimistic Yogi  During April’s Parkinson’s Awareness Month, Renee Le Verrier, RYT is reaching out to raise the awareness of the benefits of yoga practice for those living with this disease. For more information on how you or your yoga studio can help support this cause, please click the title. 

YOGA: Visibly Reduces Tremors and Improves the Steadyness of Gait  APDA National Young Onset Center's website recently featured an article by Renee Le Verrier, RYT. In it she focuses on the positive qualities that make yoga such an asset to individuals with Parkinson's disease. Click the title to read the article.


Yoga instructors learn valuable skills to teach students with movement disorders