Petition to increase swallowing disorder research

As you know, swallowing disorders may occur in Parkinson's disease. Unfortunately, funding for studying evaluation and management of swallowing disorders is grossly lacking. As such, a petition has been developed (details below) to address this lack of funding and awareness.

The NFOSD is a dysphagia patient-focused all volunteer non-profit. They are hosting an online petition to raise awareness and funding for dysphagia within the NIH. A few minutes of your time can make a real long term difference in how dysphagia prevention and treatment research is funded. Please take a few minutes now to show your support and make an impact.

Consider weighing in on this important initiative to better study swallowing and Parkinson's. Visit the link below to sign the petition.




Cathi Thomas & Allyson Gormley, APDA Coordinators