Organize a Walk-a-Thon Team!

Walk participantOne of the most impressive sights at the annual APDA Massachusetts Chapter Walk-a-Thon, being held this year on May 4th at Reebok HQ, is the number and variety of teams who have registered for the Walk. Over the years, the number has skyrocketed, with over 1,000 people walking in over 75 teams.

Why are teams important? They provide a sense of cohesiveness and identity to walkers. Teams frequently organize around family groups, and it's a joy to see teams with many generations, all walking together. Many teams give themselves fun names (e.g. Psalm 68: I Will not be Shaken, Muscles In Motion) or family names to honor a family member with PD (e.g. The Stanton Clan, Kay's Girls, Papa's Angels, etc.). Many teams have custom T-shirts made up, readily available at suppliers or through the APDA.  

To organize a team, here are some simple steps:

• Set up the team on the Donor Drive website, available as a link from the main website at htttp://www.apdama.org or directly at this link

• Each participant can have his or her own "walk page" with a personalized message and a donation goal,

• Participants create a list of email addresses to which their donation request will go. With a link to Facebook, the donation request will go to friends, friends-of-friends and will, with any luck, go "viral".

Last year we raised over $165,000, and our goal this year is $200,000 There's only three months to go, so don't delay in getting your team organized! I'll be there, with my Past (but hopefully not Past-It) Presidents Team!

Volodymyr Lyczmanenko

Chapter President 2009-2013