The Chapter Board

The Chapter Board is comprised of approximately fifteen volunteers who meet monthly to direct the operation of the APDA Massachusetts Chapter. The Board members are not paid for their services, some of them have Parkinsons Disease, others do not. However, all are committed to the mission of helping find a cure through funding research, and to helping people in their day-to-day activities. The Board members work extremely hard in planning and organizing information sessions, the Walkathon and numerous fundraising events.

For further information about Board members, please click on any of the names below. Members of APDA are welcome to sit-in on Board meetings, and those interested in doing more can apply to become Board members, subject to Chapter Bylaws.

President Kristen Stapleton
Vice President Robert Tullis
Treasurer Alex Yen
Secretary Melissa Diggin
Member at Large Vanessa Blais
Member at Large Kimberly S. Creem
Member at Large Bill Jenczyk
Member at Large Meg McAuliffe
Member at Large Laurie Pant
Member at Large Laurie Jo Tullis
Member at Large Denyse Turpin
Member at Large Mary Anne Wonn
Past President Volodymyr Lyczmanenko
Advisor Terry Ellis, PhD, PT, NCS
Advisor Marie Saint-Hilaire, MD, FRCPC
Advisor David Sommer, MD, MPH
Advisor Cathi Thomas, MS, RN