Board Member - Laurie Pant

Position: Member at Large


Why do you volunteer for APDA Massachusetts?

After living with Parkinson's for 18 years, I bring some knowledge and a great deal of interest to the national APDA goals: "to ease the burden and to find a cure" and to the MA Chapter's mission: to raise awareness and funds.

When did you first join the Board, and what is your role on it?

Actually, this is my second time on the Board. I was one of the founding Board members, but when my work responsibilities expanded, I had to step down. So I am glad to be back. In both times, my role has been as a Member at Large.

Fun Facts

This October, I attended the World Parkinson Congress. The sessions were great. But the "over the top" experiences for me were the Argentinian Tango Lesson and being included in a flash dance with the cast of David Iverson's new film, "Creating Grace".

What do you want to see the APDA MA Chapter accomplish over the next year?

This year's focus on branding and refining our fundraising strategy is very exciting. I expect us to accomplish some important infrastructural developments without missing a beat on delivering our ongoing services.