Board Member - Kristen Stapleton

Position: President


Why do you volunteer for APDA Massachusetts?

My mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's when she was 47 and I wanted to get informed about the disease. I found the APDA MA Chapter and got involved first as a fundraiser then as a board member. I will continue to help this cause until a cure is found.

When did you first join the Board, and what is your role on it?

I joined the Board in 2003 and have moved from Member-at-Large to Vice-President and recently became President.

Fun Facts

I am a motorcycle enthusiast. I've been one since I was old enough to drive and maybe a little before. I also own and work in three businesses in the automotive service industry.

What do you want to see the APDA MA Chapter accomplish over the next year?

In the next year, I hope to increase awareness about Parkinson's and the APDA throughout all Massachusetts communities and to encourage more people to get involved in support of the Chapter. We deliver some great services and we need funds to accomplish this. My challenge to everyone this year is to get inspired, get involved, and get moving!