Board Member - Kimberly S. Creem

Position: Member at Large


Why do you volunteer for APDA Massachusetts?

The APDA is important to me, as my mother has had Parkinson’s for over 20 years. I wanted to make a difference and find a cure for this terrible disease.

When did you first join the Board, and what is your role on it?

I joined the Board approximately five years ago. My main role on the Board of the Massachusetts Chapter is to help gather volunteers. Every year, more volunteers come to help the Chapter, which is great, because they help with events and in getting the word out. The main event that I work on is the annual APDA Walk for Parkinson’s.

Fun Facts

I’m very much a multi-tasker, and very organized, though most people don’t know it!

What do you want to see the APDA MA Chapter accomplish over the next year?

I want to focus on increasing the awareness about Parkinson’s disease. I had a lot of friends and family with other illnesses, such as cancer. Other illnesses have strong events that spread the word, such as the Walk for Breast Cancer, but Parkinson’s disease is just as terrible and just as important. I feel that it lags behind. I’ve seen what my mother had to go through and I want the Chapter to get as much word out as possible about what Parkinson’s is. I would also like to see the Chapter raise a lot more money to help find a cure.