Board Member - Denyse Turpin

Position: Member at Large


Why do you volunteer for APDA Massachusetts?

I feel like I have always been involved. In 1982, I started working as a staff nurse at University Hospital on a neurology unit and now work as a Parkinson's Clinical Research Nurse. I have met so many wonderful people through my work. It is a pleasure to work with patients and families.

When did you first join the Board, and what is your role on it?

I joined the Chapter several years ago, but I have always been a volunteer. I serve as a Member-at-Large on the Board.

What do you want to see the APDA MA Chapter accomplish over the next year?

I would like to continue efforts of educating the general community about Parkinson’s disease and the APDA. There is a lot that the chapter does, and can do in the future, such as promoting education and grant funding. We can also try to recruit more volunteers for our main events.