Board Member - Alex Yen

Position: Treasurer


Why do you volunteer for APDA Massachusetts?

My father is a Parkinson’s patient, and I went to my first walk-a-thon in 2006 through Laurie Pant, my colleague at Suffolk. The following year, I decided to volunteer at the walk, and my role has continued to expand each year since.

When did you first join the Board, and what is your role on it?

I first joined the Board in Fall 2010, as the treasurer. Being the treasurer fits my background, as a I am CPA and an accounting professor.

Fun Facts

I am a music trivia expert (particularly the music of the 80s) - sports trivia, also.

What do you want to see the APDA MA Chapter accomplish over the next year?

I would like to see the APDA MA Chapter grow in visibility and recognition. I want people to see the organization as the first stop when they have questions about Parkinson’s Disease. I would also like to see continued expansion of programs geared toward caregivers.