Tai Chi for Parkinson's Disease

Individuals with Parkinson's have described the benefits of participating in Tai Chi. Currently, research is ongoing to determine how beneficial Tai Chi is. Jane Arsham, on her site, Moving Easy, describes Tai Chi as, "meditations in motion, healing arts that develop internal strength and enhance health. Developed over the centuries in China, Tai Chi & Chi Kung cultivate internal energy, and help eliminate obstacles that prevent this energy from circulating freely throughout the body. This work is accomplished steadily, through meditation, relaxed movement, and mindful breathing. Without machines or strenuous floor exercise, even one hour a week is enough to begin to feel the benefits of Tai Chi. Over time, this practice can change the overall quality of life."

Jane is passionate about bringing Tai Chi to Parkinson's communities. She has developed classes and is a wonderful resource for both students and teachers. For additional information, please visit her website.