Pittsfield, MA: Parkinson's Exercise Group

This one-hour exercise class for people with Parkinson's Disease is held twice a week. The exercises target those areas most affected by Parkinson's disease, including posture, balance, and coordination, as well as strength and range of motion. Starting with deep breathing and muscles of facial expression and ending with ankle strength and flexibility, the exercises provide a full body workout. Many of the exercises are performed while sitting. Most of the standing exercises are done using the back of a chair for support. Modifications to the exercises are made for those who have difficulty standing. Classes are held in the outpatient department at the Center for Rehabilitation on the 5th floor of the Medical Arts Complex. This class is open to anyone with Parkinson's disease. If a person requires assistance, we warmly welcome his or her family member or caregiver into the group. A small fee is charged. A script from a physician for Parkinson's exercises is required.

For more information, call:
(413) 447-3075